Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tomorrow is a Brand New Day...

Another weekend gone by too fast, but another week is coming and it's bringing brand new days. I have big plans for this week...My boyfriend does too!

1. I plan on starting a Real Food Journal. I bought a lil notebook - small enough to fit into my purse - to keep track. Definitely a step in the right direction.

2. I have to actually organize my information for my taxes. Ugh, it sucks, BUT, when my hopeful tax return will go to a much-needed vacation for CJ & I's 2 year anniversary. Maybe somewhere in the Caribbean?!?!  Oooo Exciting...

3. CJ is starting is new band this week. Yeah, he is joining a real band and they have signed on for studio space to practice. He found the prospective band on craigslist and I'm really crossing my fingers for him. He plays the bass so good and he has the passion for it. Hopefully they all will click w/ each other. I hope!!

4. I need to spend more time at the gym. I've only been going once or a twice a week and that is just not working. A mile here or there is not enough for me to dig out of my plateau. I'm also going to try more variety in the machines. Planet Fitness here I come!

5. I have a work goal to complete my current projects. I'm starting to think my Keurig coffee is just not strong enough and I've been hitting roadblocks of tiredness during the day. I gave up soda for lent but I need to have more energy. This week I plan on getting more sleep. I think it'll do me a load of good.

Five things. I think that's a good start for a brand new week. =) Wish me luck!

Do You Have Any Plans for this New Week?
 I'd love to hear...


  1. Have you tried "my fitness pal" or "my food diary"?

    I use my food diary, but my fitness pal is free and just as good.

    They are online sites that help you count calories.

    I've lost 3.4lbs these past two weeks using it.

    Good luck!!

  2. i need to spend time at the gym too ,bigtime!

  3. So glad you found me over at Shy Scout. Thanks for the awesome comment!

    I've just started kicking it up a notch at the gym. I've found that once you go consistently for a couple of weeks you can't help but get hooked! Good luck :)