Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Diet Key Essential I’ve Been Missing…PART I

A Work-out Buddy. Two years ago when I joined the gym it was actually for a purpose. One of my best friend’s had just had a gastric bypass due to pre-diabetic conditions, possible future high blood pressure issues, and sleep apnea. Her weight was about 400 lbs. I’ve known her for years and honestly didn’t realize that her weight had climbed so high. But alas I think she did a brave thing having the surgery and my plan was to go to the gym to help her out and motivate her. That didn’t exactly happen as planned.

When my friend’s nephew was born she re-discovered her sister. Instead of calling me to go to the gym she wound up just going with her sister because they live together. They now are best friends and I am truly happy she found her sister in her life, because it always wasn’t like that it seemed in the 15 years I’ve known them. But alas…I have been replaced. I don’t have the heart to tell her because I think she needed that bond w/ her sister and it really is stronger than ever.

The two sisters now weigh less than me because they go to the gym together almost everyday. But in my defense they live 4 minutes from the gym, and their jobs are have flexible times where they can easily fit the gym into their schedules. I do catch them time to time at the gym and it’s great because it feels like old times, but it’s not as often as it should be. I wish my work building had a gym…that would be awesome.

But now, CJ’s cousin lives by me now and she is looking for a work-out buddy. I think I need that swift kick in the butt and maybe her and I can help each other get motivated. She is 24, a bit of a spit-fire and definitely I think an extra key to my successful diet plan…

She has a similar body like mine. Muscular from high school/college sports w/ a some squish to loose. We aren’t trying to get lose 50 lbs or have Jillian Michaels abs, but we would like to be wearing a size or two less, and POSSIBILY a bikini...I have never owned a bikini…I want to own one this year or at least a tankini without wearing a swimsuit dress over it. It’s time to break out and get the confidence flowing…

Ever since 2 weeks I recognized I had to take it up yet another notch I’ve had some interesting results…that will be PART 2 later. Stay Tuned…   


  1. Oh my! I need to get on an eating diet. Sometimes I forget to eat and that is so much more unhealthier that eating a bit too much. Thanks for your comments :) xo

  2. Workout buddies are awesome!!! Can't wait to hear more about it all!

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