Wednesday, March 21, 2012

REVIEW: Hudson Valley, NY - Restaurant Week - Confetti's - YUM!

Once a year, Hudson Valley, NY - sandwhiched between the TV Shows Subgatory, Sex & the City & the Real Housewives of New Jersey - has their infamous Restaurant Week. Three Course Menus of our restaurant's finest selections. I chose Confetti's in Piermont, NY overlooking the Hudson River and the Tappan Zee Bridge. One Word...Delicious...

My friend Zoe and I got there a lil before our reservation and the restaurant looked so welcoming for it's future guests. Patrons can sit outside and enjoy the pier views or you can sit inside just as comfortably. The waitress was very nice and even before we ordered she placed the house made Rosemary Focaccia  Bread w/ red pepper infused extra virgin olive oil at our table. I loved that I could nibble on something while I decided my Restaurant week Selection.

There was so many combos I wanted to choose, but I made my selection based on "I want to eat something New that I had never tried before." For example they had fresh mozzarella w/ tomatoes & EVOO but that wasn't unique enough for me. They had Flat pasta w/ lamb ragu but I've never been a big fan of Lamb. I chose the following:

Carciofi alla Giudea
fried baby artichoke w/ fennel & tomato (Roman Style) 

Scaloppine alla Sorrentina 
layered veal, eggplant & prosciutto with fresh mozzarella in a lite marinara sauce 

Chocolate Semifreddo    

Let's just say that there was not one bad bite of anything I ordered. The service was prompt, yet you had more than enough time to enjoy and savor each course before the other was brought out. to you. I'm a big fan of baby artichokes in my salads, so I was anxious to try the fried baby artichokes. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TASTE than uncooked and it just melted in your mouth. Paired w/ the distinct taste of the Fennel it was a great blend of flavor.

The main course I picked on a whim. I am honestly not an advocate of Veal, but it is a leaner meat & easier for complex systems to break down when someone isn't a 100%. Ergo, my losing my Gall Bladder experience came in handy on choosing the right entree. It was good, the three layers, but due to the marinara sauce or how it was cooked it was such a blend that the eggplant & the veal just combined into one taste.  It was a lil hard to pick out which flavor was what. The proscuitto was there but the taste of veal was very dominant. Very yummy, but I would have liked more of a Gobstopper feel type. I want to know I'm eating something different...

The dessert seemed like a slice of a chocolate mousse cake w/ white chocolate & dark chocolate drizzle w/ sugared orange rhine.  It was so good that Zoe finished it before I finished taking a picture of the dish!! =) Oooo chocolate...

All in all, I will definitely be going back to Confetti's in the future. I'm curious what's on their real menu. It's mostly Italian, but I'm always up for a new spin on an old favorite.

I wonder what restaurant I'm going to try next in this infamous 2 week deal...hmmm.....

{All photos in this post were taken by me}


  1. looks delicious!

  2. Oh! If only I could go all the way there :)