Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easy Easter Basket Cupcakes! =)

It has definitely been one of those days...Teaching my lil cupcake class at my adult education class tonight was just what I needed to perk myself up! Yes, it is my second job, but it is so much fun that I actually show up a half hour beforehand to set up and breathe that breath of relaxed fresh air. The ladies are so eager to learn and are so happy I make them actually decorate the cupcakes in class that it is a delight. I love it.

Tonight we did Easter Basket Cupcakes. I've seen people do the basket handle w/ pipe cleaners, twizzlers, licorice...but the what works best is Sour Straw Candy! Depending on how big your cupcakes come out, you can use Cadbury Mini Eggs, or even Pastel Skittles or JellyBeans.  There is honestly not much to these cupcakes, but the result is adorable. =)

Here is a Mini Tutorial for these Easy Easter Basket Cupcakes. 

What You Will Need:
1 Cupcake
Cadbury Mini Eggs
1 Green Sour Straw
Green Butter Cream Icing
Brown-Tan Butter Cream Icing
Wilton Tip: #233 ( Shower Cap - Creates the Grass) 
Wilton Tip: # 32 ( Creates the Scalloped Edge of the Basket)

Wilton Tip #233
Wilton Tip #32

Step #1: Bend the Sour Straw and insert the ends down into the Cupcake. If you have trouble, you can poke holes w/ a scissor to better assist you.

Step #2: Using Tip #32 and the Brown Icing create your curved basket edging. I let the icing out in a line to the left, then curved around on top of that line to my right and brought it back down. 

 Step #3: Continue around the edge of the cupcake to complete the basket edge.

Step #4: Let the green icing drizzle out of Tip #233, creating the grass effect within the basket weaved icing edge.

Step #5: Add whatever you'd like. Below I added Cadbury Mini Eggs. 

Step #6: Do not pick up the cupcake by it's handle =) hehe. Enjoy your simple Easter Basket! =)


All Photos taken by me on 3-28-12.


  1. omg - i would gain so much weight if i could make cupcakes like you! they look amazing.

  2. These look like so much fun! I have always wanted to learn how to decorate cake/cupcakes!! I am new to your blog and I'm so glad I found it! I invite you to check mine out! Have a great week! =)


  3. loving the cupcakes!

  4. these looks so pretty. I tried to do my icing like that once and did a horrible job. It's not as easy as it looks.

  5. Ok those are adorable! I love Easter even though I wasn't raised religious or anything. I love the colors and the foods and that it really symbolizes Spring time for me!


    PS thanks for your comment on my page the other day!!!

  6. Oh man that's a sugar party if I've ever seen one! I'm a sucker for sour candy so the sour straw makes it perfect for me!

  7. Oh my golly! You are genius! I'm planning a spring theme bday party for my Emma! This is amazing!

  8. Wow, kudos to you for making those! I'm a failure in the kitchen so even this makes me jealous ;)

  9. These look adorable Melanie! Thanks for the cupcake inspiration, and for your comment! your blog is lovely :)

  10. god can this be more awesome ?!!!! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog ! you look lovely !