Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stolen Moment...

"Life's all about moments, of impact and how they changes our lives forever"
- Leo, "The Vow"

This weekend has been a completely Cj and Melanie weekend. From the craziness of St. Patrick's Day weekend and other bits and pieces of here & there drama, we haven't had much time to just ourselves. Ironically he's taking a nap right now, and I never realized he snores because I always fall asleep first. hehe. It's not a constant bear in the woods snore, just a cute grumble here or there. I do fall in love w/ him a lil more in each moment like this one.

Moments. Sometimes you can get lucky or unlucky to experience a moment with someone that let's you know just what you mean to them. Yesterday I ran around like a crazy woman cleaning up my condo because I knew CJ was going to set up camp for the weekend. I was all frazzled as hell. We decided to stay in and make tacos together. I had my arms outreached trying to manuever getting two plates out of my kitchen cabinet when CJ came up next to me and kissed my shoulder. Just one brief kiss that went straight to my heart and brought my stress to a screeching halt. He didn't say a word after, just passed on by and continued to cook the meat. I looked at him w/ the two plates now in my hand and he simply smiled at me. I smiled back. It might seem as simple as it all truly is, but in that moment, all the times CJ says he loves me, well he means it, and that is the best feeling I've ever felt. 

I have never had this before in my life. We are reaching the two year mark and people are starting to ask the "M" questions and why are delay of the moving in together part. I frankly right now don't care. I'm happy w/ the current situation and when all those future moments happen I will be ready and cheering w/ bells on.

I think I'm going to go join my sleepy bear. Everyone have a great rest of your weekend!! =)


  1. awww i'm so glad you are happy :)

  2. You have an awesome Blog and I joined your site. Appreciate if you could check mine.:)