Friday, March 16, 2012

Just You...You Being You...

Men truly boggle my mind, especially my boyfriend CJ. I’ll explain…

 I have gone to great lengths over the past almost 2 years with him to look my best and always be show-room ready when I would visit him or hang out; kinda like first-date ready every time. I think it’s because I honestly read too many magazine articles about not letting yourself go, makeup – musts everyday, or watched  too much NICK @ NITE seeing all the ladies in the 50’s & 60’s shows looking perfect every time. I put on pajamas right before I go to bed and usually stay in my nice outfit until then, even tho CJ may have been in sweatpants since I got there. He will beg me to put on pjs but I’ve spent all that time getting ready so I’m not going to just be dressed for the car ride over there. 

BUT, last night I did things a lil bit differently and hell, got the result I wanted…

Thursdays are a rough day for me at work. I order about 3 million newspaper ads to be placed in NY & NJ. It’s a long arduous process and yesterday was spiked w/ more action. I came home washed my hair & then saw my yoga/pajama pants begging me to put them on at 6pm. That’s early for me to be wearing pjs. But I was so tired so I just put them on & an old jersey shirt from college & said Fuck it. My hair was a mess of curls but I did put make-up on and straightened my bangs. 

CJ strolls in to my apartment around 7:30pm and puts his bag down. I haven’t seen him this week because he was helping his mom a lot, so I missed him. I ran up to him and gave him a kiss and he looked back at me and says, “Wow you look really pretty tonight, babe. I like you in those pants…” Uhhh What??? I walked to the kitchen and he followed me to put his arms around me to give me another kiss. He proceeded to tell me, “I love when you’re like this, just you being you.”

So apparently, crazy hair, lil make-up, and comfortable dress-down clothes is what he wants……….It would have been great to have discovered this years ago…LOL. I’m shaking my head as I write this because seriously I didn’t understand what he meant when he would say to not try so hard. It was because I had already won him over, he was in love, and I just needed to be me. It all makes so much sense. I sort of feel like a big load has been lifted off of me. I love him a lil bit more now…yeah definitely! 

All I have to do is be “Me” in my relationship…I guess it really is that easy…=) It is true, you learn something new everyday.

This weekend,  I’m crossing my fingers, hoping it'll be fun…Happy St. Patty’s Day!! Be Safe & Best Wishes!


  1. I've noticed that with guys too. I've been told I look sexy in my Giants hoodie and the guy I'm sort of dating says he loves me in it because I look so comfy.

  2. I think guys are more attracted the less "dolled up" you are. My hubby prefers me in my pjs. My friend prefers his wife without makeup.

    I think we often doll up for ourselves or for other girls. Guys really don't care.

  3. I always make an effort outside so with exes I would quite often answer my door in just my pjs or loungewear. They seemed to like that they saw another side of me that most don't see.

    I also find not wearing a bra under my vest helps... ;-)

  4. ♥ this! How many times have I seen a girl I know with messy hair and schleppy clothes who didn't believe me when I told her she looked hot. Just being you is sexy.

  5. The Boy always tells me I look more beautiful without any make up on. He doesn't care how dressed up I am, he's in love and it doesn't matter. I still make an effort, mostly because I like to look nice, but when it's just the two of us curled up together watching tv, I've stopped worrying about what I look like.