Friday, March 23, 2012

Blossom in Old Navy?? Joey in Old Navy?? WHOA!!

Every girl born in the 80's knew that the cool girls watched the TV Classic, Blossom after school. She would dance around her room without a care in the world, have the funkiest wardrobe w/ the best hats, and had a really hot older brother named Joey who just happened to every chance he get say WHOA in that special way. I grew up watching that show EVERY chance I got. I think I even named one of my dolls, Six, after her best friend. She ruled...

Fast forward 15 years, my boyfriend CJ one day reminded me of my serious addiction to this show by pointing out someone's love interest on a current TV Show I wasn't exactly caught up on. Big Bang Theory & Amy Farrah Fowler. Yup! That's Blossom all grown up! What is even cooler about her is that I found out in real life that she has her PHD in Neuroscience. She was very motivating to be yourself and nobody else in Blossom but now she has a PHD?? That is so cool and I think she is still someone to look up to even as someone in your 20's. She is still acting, studying neuroscience, AND gets an Old Navy Commercial? Sign me up!

Uh-huh! You heard me right. I caught this commercial last night and was shocked at the end...WHOA!


Love it!! 

I can't wait for the rest of today & this weekend because I have been hit w/ the Spring Cleaning Bug! Stay Tuned!

Have a great weekend!! =)


  1. Hahaha love that advert! Totally haven't seen it on the TV yet though. I love Mayim she's such a diverse actor and has such a charm showing you can be brainy and be cool. As Amy in TBBT she's just incredible, she really is the female Sheldon.

  2. As Joey would say "WHOA!" Hahahahaha. Happy Friday!

  3. Haha that's awesome! I'm embarrassed to say I've never seen Blossom (I know right?!), but I've heard a lot about it and that Old Navy commercial is pretty awesome. Have a good weekend! :)

  4. I now have the Blossom theme tune playing in my head. We had it in Scotland too (thankfully!) and I loved it when i was younger. I couldn't believe it the day I realised she was the girl in the BBT!