Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday = Diet Day…!

Hi Everyone! This is not going to be a weight-loss journey blog, but right now losing 20 pounds healthily is one of my Top 10 Goals. Every Tuesday will be Diet Day. I think Tuesday is good day because A) The Biggest Loser is on & B) It’s a good reminder day for the week.  I know I’m using the dreaded “D” word, but I need to be honest with myself that I need to eat better & exercise more.

I’ll admit I am 5’ 5” & weigh 175 pounds. My Wii Fit keeps telling me I’m Obese but I think that game really needs a reality check. I don’t believe myself to be obese or overweight but I would like to come down from a Size 16 to a more comfortable Size 10. I will also only weigh myself on Tuesdays and report back. 

I’ve been trying to live by this motto: No BSP w/ E Boost…No Bacon, Shrimp, & Pork & Exercising at least 10 minutes a day.  It has been mildly successful, so I’m going to take it up a notch.

That yummy salad I took a picture of yesterday was my lunch yesterday & today. Unless my work cafeteria has something that sounds so mouthwatering I can’t resist I will go with salad for lunch. It looks small in the picture but it’s actually in a big salad perfect container from Ikea. It contained: Red Peppers, Baby Corn, Baby Spinach, Shredded Carrots, bean sprouts, green beans, cherry tomatoes, grapes & I added some tangerine slices later. It was really good but...there is something missing. 

For some reason a few hours after I eat my salad and usually a yogurt, I feel very light-headed and a wave of nausea overcomes me. I usually eat some cereal or an apple and it subsides a lil but it's odd. I thought i wasn't eating enough so I increased the amount of salad...still the same. Maybe I need some  protein....Perhaps I can find some chicken strips I can add....hmmmm....

I'm trying to get motivated & do this for me only. My job seems to be permanently on a diet to the point where I swear they put caution tape on the cafeteria door when there was free bagels in there so that's great motivation. It helps keep me going. The Apple break all the women do at 4pm helps too. 

It will definitely be a learning process...Okay...Here we go....

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Firsts & Stolen Moments...

After a couple has been dating for over a year the amount of "Firsts" decrease. It's only natural. However Cj and I have actually been through a new first in the past few days. When him & I met we accidentally skipped over the "Meet the Parents" part because it just so happened that my father worked with his mother. We didn't know it at the time we met but we never had the awkward dinner or meeting with the long drawn out silent pauses.  Whew...

But this weekend we decided to mix things up a bit and start integrating our families together. All in all it's been actually a success. My Aunt & Uncle loved CJ's Mom & today my parents met one of Craig's Aunt & Uncles and it was awesome. The conversations flowed, stories were shared, there was smiles & laughs, and Cj & I let out a breath of fresh air. I really thought it was time to start combining the families a least a lil bit. We've been dating almost 2 years...it was definitely time.

I've always dreamed of a wedding where everyone is all over the place, laughing, eating, talking, and having a blast...not one where my family would be on one side & the groom's family be on the other not talking. After these few meetings I really think that if CJ & I get married one day I feel like our families would mesh very well. I think that's half the battle. If the families like each other...geez well that's one of the best bonuses you could ever hope for...

What a weekend...I'm still trying to process it. I've been sick so things have been a bit of a blur. The "E" word got dropped and I'm wondering if I heard it out of context. The "E" word that is attached to a ring...........I think that was a stolen moment I wasn't supposed to hear....I don't really know what to make it at this moment.

My life is suddenly very real, very live and in technicolor. The decisions and actions I do & make mean something and will have an effect on others. I grew up a long time ago, I had to in some cases, but now it's time to think like a true adult and make some life choices. Just breathe...

Cj stayed over most of the weekend, which will be a post in its own later this week, and before he left he told me it's going to be impossible for him to sleep tonight because I won't be there with him. I smiled at a the sweet saying but he's totally right. I'm going to have some trouble too. =)

What was your experiences meshing your significant other's family with yours?
 I'd love to hear....

Friday, January 27, 2012

They Will See Us Waving From Such Great Heights…

"I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned…"
 – Postal Service, “Such Great Heights”

I live in Southern New York State. It’s not exactly suburbia but I’m not in the middle of nowhere either. I’m literally right around the corner from where “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is filmed, 30 minutes from Times Square, and a hop, skip, & a jump near where the TV Series “Suburgatory” is set. It makes for an awesome summer with tons to do but in the winter well it’s the opposite. The weather here has been so ridiculous that my immune system finally surrendered. I have a cold. I am a miserable person when I’m sick. 

CJ, adorably, came over to my place last night and made me some soup. He put his arms around me and kissed me on the forehead. Poor thing…he kept thinking I was mad at him but I wasn’t. I was being quiet because I was sounding like Brad Garrett from “Everyone loves Raymond. ” I told him to stay up as long as he wanted when it came time for me to go to sleep, but no he curled up with me in bed and sang to me, “Such Great Heights” from the Postal Service as we drifted off to sleep. When he sings I know he’s happy. I’m so lucky…

I do feel better but being sick sucks. My nostrils are taking turns switching which one is stuffed or not. I’ve been trying to drink Theraflu & have tea w/ lime & honey. It’s working okay. Thank you Halls Defense cough drops too. FYI…Check Expiration Dates on Cough Drops. I didn't realize for 3 days I was eating expired cough drops. Only a few more hours at work…

What do you guys do when you’re sick? Do you have on all else fails backup plan?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today is my boyfriend, CJ's 30th Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I came back to life when I met you. I love with all my heart.

When I met him, everything just seemed to fall into place. Of course we have our ups & downs but I am so lucky to have someone in my life that tells me they love me everyday. He makes me smile and want to hear all the sappy love songs. hehe. Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend I've ever had!

His Mom this morning did a very interesting thing...Apparently in a snow storm back in 1982 this lady went to a convenience store and found a birthday card. The birthday card had a woman holding a baby but the words on the front of the card were for an adult's eyes. The phrases are so heartfelt, like I will pick you up when you fall but I will be there for you to learn to get up on your own...or you will always be my lil one, even if you grow tall...She purchased this card that cold February day.

She vowed to give him this card on his 30th Birthday. No Sooner, no later.

Out of all the events of 30 years...somehow CJ's Mom never let that card get too far away. This morning in 2012 she gave him that card she waited so long to give him. It was truly beautiful because he was moved to tears. Happy Tears. Cj really isn't a card guy but he vowed to never lose this card.

What an awesome idea...When I have kids I want to do something like that. I hardly throw out anything so I might be able to keep it for 30 years.

"Happy Birthday Sweetie...Yes I'll play Call of Duty with you now..." 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Quick Reminder...

I'm obsessed w/ Fortune Cookies. I actually have a jar of Fortune Cookie Fortunes in my condo. At times their lil advice or quick inspiration is just what I need. Especially the ones that read, "The secret to staying young is eating healthy & lying about your age." ( in bed). Those are my favorite.

My quick lil post today is about the Fortune Cookie Fortune I have taped to the side of my cubicle. It reads:

"Your Future is as Boundless as the lofty Heaven."

It's going to be a long day & looking over at that fortune was just the right amount of inspiration I needed. Thank you lil Fortune Cookie for the reminding me each day that "I can do it"

Monday, January 23, 2012

What an Odd Lil Slice of Drama...

Here’s the Background Information:

I’ve been dating my boyfriend, CJ, for almost 2 years this May. His previous big relationship w/ his ex was ended in August 2009 & it had been for 4 years.  She dumped CJ for another guy whom of which she is still dating. She has never re-contacted CJ for any reason. It was a hard breakup for CJ. Of course it would have been due to it being a 4 year relationship…

Anywho, fast forward time to last November. I went to a local bagel shop to get breakfast one morning for CJ and I. I turned to the soda refrigerators and notice a girl staring back at me with a man at her side. At first there was no flicker of recognition, until it hit me. She was CJ’s ex. I immediately looked forward and waited for my sandwiches trying to blend into the crowd. I knew she had gone to stand in line and when I tried to steal a glance over in their direction, the boyfriend was now staring back at me. He quickly jerked his head forward so I wouldn’t catch him staring at me. Yeah, no, I totally saw him. Busted. I get my sandwiches and leave….

Not less than a week later, I get an email for a friend request from this girl on one of my social networking sites' profile. I panicked and told CJ. He was shocked and asked me to show him. I proceeded to log into my account to confirm the friend request. BUT when I went to my profile, the friend request wasn’t there. Odd…CJ and I came to the conclusion that she was creeping around my profile & probably accidentally hit the Friend Request button by mistake & tried to cover up, not realizing I get email alerts of friend requests. Weird but no worries. Actually I thought it was sort of funny.


This Saturday I wake up and check my email. I had gotten a friend request from a girl’s first name I didn’t recognize, but the last name struck a cord. Apparently CJ’s ex has a twin sister. To which I then looked at my profile to confirm the request and AGAIN it wasn’t there, only the email proof.

What the fuck? The odds of ONE mistaken “Add Friend” action is totally pliable. The odds of her twin being just as stupid? I highly doubt it. Also this alleged “Friend Request” was done at 3:15am…That’s a clue. I’m wondering who was drunk or thought it would be cute to start yet again playing with my profile. It could be that there is something wrong w/ my profile but I doubt it.

Now what to do with this pesky lil problem? I have done nothing to provoke these girls or make them hate me or anything except run into one of them by accident. Well I did kiss CJ once in front of his ex at last year’s St. Patty’s Day Parade but in a crowd of people so I doubt she saw me. Regardless that was almost a year ago. This stalking is recent.

CJ and I have decided to send the ex an email and forward her to two email Friend Requests. We are going to try and be adults about this and ask them kindly to stop because honestly I’m in no mood for a lil High Schoolish prank. We are in our mid-20’s not teenagers. Hopefully it will be effective?!?!

Have you had a Cyber Stalking Situation before from a Significant Others Ex? 
How did you handle it?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Stolen Moments...

Sometimes the weekend is a blur. It just flashes by you and then your sitting on Sunday night saying to yourself "Where the hell did the weekend go?" But then a smile appears on your face because you're remembering those few STOLEN MOMENTS that you always want to remember. 

Here are my weekend's Stolen Moments...

On Friday night I left work immediately at 5pm and rushed to my local mall. About 3 weeks ago a Comedy Club called Levity Live opened up and the comedian Jim Breuer was the the headliner for Opening Weekend, however seating is first come first serve. Jim Breuer is one CJ's favorite comedians & this was the perfect early Valentine's Day gift for him. I waited in line an hour and was victorious in getting front row seats. Seeing CJ's face light up like a Christmas Tree was worth all the rushing around. He turned to me and said this was the best Valentine's Day gift ever! The show was awesome and Jim Breuer was right in front of us the whole time. Definitely a once in a lifetime event. Hell yeah! 

FYI - He totally looks just like this in person still! =P

Southern New York got their first snow fall of 2012 this Saturday. Apparently my car sucks in the snow and I eventually got stuck trying to leave CJ's place. Thankfully there are truly nice people in this world. Two neighbors of Cj's helped push my car back up the hill. I'm ever so grateful.

Along with getting my car stuck in the snow, I had a bad reaction to my Jamba Juice. Perhaps they didn't clean the blender enough or something so I wound up breaking out in hives. I'm allergic to some fruits. As I stared at my red face, Cj came into the bathroom to see. He looked at me, kissed me on the nose, and said, "Your still pretty to me." <3

I teach a cupcake decorating class in my local high school. I'm really hoping the class runs in the Spring if I get more than 5 people to sign up. My Mom opened the booklet of all the classes and saw my name. She turned to me and told me she was proud of me. I gave her a big hug after. It felt awesome to hear her say that to me. 

When Cj and I walked up to his place in the snow we noticed our cars were the only car tracks in the new snow that had fallen. The tire marks were intertwined and our footprints were the only ones seen. I pointed it out to CJ and he began to sing "I will follow you into the Dark" by Deathcab for a Cutie.  Sometimes he knows EXACTLY what to say. 

What Were Your Stolen Moments this Weekend?  

*This will be a Weekly Feature on Sunday nights...I got the idea from a bottle of Wine I found at Stew Lenard's Wines called Stolen Moments.*

Goodnight, Everyone! Nice to see you some of you again & Welcome Newcomers! =)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Please Come With Me...See What I See...

I knew I couldn’t leave the blog world forever.

Hi Everyone! I’m Melanie , the founder of Lemanie’s Randomness, owner of the older blog Melanie’s Randomness. For the past 6 months I have been jotting down ideas, taking endless photos, going to so many different events, trying new things and saying over & over “Tomorrow I’ll start writing in my blog again…” then again “Tomorrow I have a great post to bounce back with!”…and then it just became, “Ohh maybe next year…” I lost it. A lil part of me for the past 2 years had left my side. But the hope was never gone. 

Since I was a lil girl I wanted to be a writer. I blame R.L.Stine and his irresistible Goosebumps books way back when for the inspiration to write my own story. Lol. A lil short story here & a lil short story there, actually written with a pen & pencil, and tons of lil notebooks with ideas. The “Want” to write was always in me. I can’t give up now. I even have been working on my own novel more and more these days…A Zombie Romance Novel and a quirky Vampire story that all started with the wrong choice of song to sing at a cozy karaoke bar.  Move over, Twilight.

But I why couldn’t I keep my last blog going?? I loved it so much and it was just what I wanted. My boyfriend CJ, we’re together almost 2 years this May, figured it out. When I asked him about all of this he told me, “Well, Melababe, why did you originally start the first blog?” My eyes sort of rolled back in my head to remember the crushing time it was for me. I was in love with one of my best friends and I knew the end of his and I friendship was right around the corner & indeed it was. My other friends’ lives were all changing as well and I was so left out. I was stuck in the rut of normal daily routines and needed to find the real me. I was lost.  It felt like that scene in the end of the movie, “Castaway” with Tom Hanks where he is standing at the crossroads looking for which way to turn. 

I am nowhere near the same place I was back then, to which CJ looked at me, kissed me, and then said, “That’s why you can’t write it in anymore…it’s not you anymore. You should start a new one for your new life.”  Bingo. He hit the nail right on the head. I love that man so much.

Enter Lemanie’s Randomnes…

I am on the brink of something big with my life and I have to share it all. I started a 5-year everyday journal because I have this gut feeling these next few years are going to be the most important in all my life. This blog will showcase just how random I truly am. I teach a cupcake class at my old high school, I love movies, my ADHD has my imagination captive and makes it wander the world, I want to be a writer, by day I’m a marketing analyst at a newspaper distribution company, I love to travel to new places, I’m a colonial re-enacter, I bought my first condo a year ago & yes I’m still in boxes, I love meeting famous people (Some of met are Molly Ringwald, Pat Benatar, Chris Jericho, Dan Akroyd, & the Real House Wives of NJ), I’m trying to find a diet that works or at least someway to stay on track, I’m still figuring out my relationship with CJ and all it’s craziness,  I have crazy friends that rack my brain for answers I may need help on from time & time, and I’m addicted to Text Twist. All of that is only the beginning…

I have such high hopes for this new adventure. I can’t wait...

“Every new beginning comes from some other’s beginning’s end.” – Semisonic, “Closing Time”

Title of this Post: “Just an Ordinary Day” – Michelle Branch