Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday = Diet Day…!

Hi Everyone! This is not going to be a weight-loss journey blog, but right now losing 20 pounds healthily is one of my Top 10 Goals. Every Tuesday will be Diet Day. I think Tuesday is good day because A) The Biggest Loser is on & B) It’s a good reminder day for the week.  I know I’m using the dreaded “D” word, but I need to be honest with myself that I need to eat better & exercise more.

I’ll admit I am 5’ 5” & weigh 175 pounds. My Wii Fit keeps telling me I’m Obese but I think that game really needs a reality check. I don’t believe myself to be obese or overweight but I would like to come down from a Size 16 to a more comfortable Size 10. I will also only weigh myself on Tuesdays and report back. 

I’ve been trying to live by this motto: No BSP w/ E Boost…No Bacon, Shrimp, & Pork & Exercising at least 10 minutes a day.  It has been mildly successful, so I’m going to take it up a notch.

That yummy salad I took a picture of yesterday was my lunch yesterday & today. Unless my work cafeteria has something that sounds so mouthwatering I can’t resist I will go with salad for lunch. It looks small in the picture but it’s actually in a big salad perfect container from Ikea. It contained: Red Peppers, Baby Corn, Baby Spinach, Shredded Carrots, bean sprouts, green beans, cherry tomatoes, grapes & I added some tangerine slices later. It was really good but...there is something missing. 

For some reason a few hours after I eat my salad and usually a yogurt, I feel very light-headed and a wave of nausea overcomes me. I usually eat some cereal or an apple and it subsides a lil but it's odd. I thought i wasn't eating enough so I increased the amount of salad...still the same. Maybe I need some  protein....Perhaps I can find some chicken strips I can add....hmmmm....

I'm trying to get motivated & do this for me only. My job seems to be permanently on a diet to the point where I swear they put caution tape on the cafeteria door when there was free bagels in there so that's great motivation. It helps keep me going. The Apple break all the women do at 4pm helps too. 

It will definitely be a learning process...Okay...Here we go....


  1. Chicken should do the trick. Can't wait to get even more inspired to be fit- love how you're keeping us involved.

  2. tuesday is my diet day too. i hop on the scale every tuesday to keep myself in check.

    i'm rooting you on, lady!!

  3. Good Luck... It really is a mind set - just eat little and often to keep your strength and blood sugar good then you won't feel the need for anything large at evening dinner time. And true, exercise only needs to be short but often. You Go Girl !!!!!
    Jennie. xx

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