Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Firsts & Stolen Moments...

After a couple has been dating for over a year the amount of "Firsts" decrease. It's only natural. However Cj and I have actually been through a new first in the past few days. When him & I met we accidentally skipped over the "Meet the Parents" part because it just so happened that my father worked with his mother. We didn't know it at the time we met but we never had the awkward dinner or meeting with the long drawn out silent pauses.  Whew...

But this weekend we decided to mix things up a bit and start integrating our families together. All in all it's been actually a success. My Aunt & Uncle loved CJ's Mom & today my parents met one of Craig's Aunt & Uncles and it was awesome. The conversations flowed, stories were shared, there was smiles & laughs, and Cj & I let out a breath of fresh air. I really thought it was time to start combining the families a least a lil bit. We've been dating almost 2 was definitely time.

I've always dreamed of a wedding where everyone is all over the place, laughing, eating, talking, and having a blast...not one where my family would be on one side & the groom's family be on the other not talking. After these few meetings I really think that if CJ & I get married one day I feel like our families would mesh very well. I think that's half the battle. If the families like each other...geez well that's one of the best bonuses you could ever hope for...

What a weekend...I'm still trying to process it. I've been sick so things have been a bit of a blur. The "E" word got dropped and I'm wondering if I heard it out of context. The "E" word that is attached to a ring...........I think that was a stolen moment I wasn't supposed to hear....I don't really know what to make it at this moment.

My life is suddenly very real, very live and in technicolor. The decisions and actions I do & make mean something and will have an effect on others. I grew up a long time ago, I had to in some cases, but now it's time to think like a true adult and make some life choices. Just breathe...

Cj stayed over most of the weekend, which will be a post in its own later this week, and before he left he told me it's going to be impossible for him to sleep tonight because I won't be there with him. I smiled at a the sweet saying but he's totally right. I'm going to have some trouble too. =)

What was your experiences meshing your significant other's family with yours?
 I'd love to hear....


  1. Obviously i'm single right now but weird fact? my parents have never met ANY of my boyfriends. ever.

  2. The E word? That is super exciting! :) CJ is 30. Maybe he is starting to think about next steps, huh? :) :)

  3. It's always interesting when you meet the fam... and when the E world is dropped! Nice to find your new blog today! :o)

  4. My parents haven't met any of my guys family and i'm not sure if they ever will with being in different countries. Rather exciting about the "E" word, i'm not sure when we first mentioned it ourselves, it must have been fairly soon after getting together seeing we got engaged after eleven months.

  5. My husband and I were very lucky...we've known eachother since we were little, and our parents were all friends. In fact, when we were in middle school his parents were buying a new home, and LIVED with my parents while they were moving!

    I can't imagine how nervous I would have been to meet his parents if I hadn't known them my whole life.

  6. My parents didn't meet M's mom until our housewarming party...which was also the day before we got married. They got along ok, but there weren't fireworks ;)

  7. My fellas mum said "Ahhhhh the daughter I never had" when I walked through the door for the first time -- Eeeeek. No pressure then!!! LOL
    jennie. xx