Friday, January 20, 2012

Please Come With Me...See What I See...

I knew I couldn’t leave the blog world forever.

Hi Everyone! I’m Melanie , the founder of Lemanie’s Randomness, owner of the older blog Melanie’s Randomness. For the past 6 months I have been jotting down ideas, taking endless photos, going to so many different events, trying new things and saying over & over “Tomorrow I’ll start writing in my blog again…” then again “Tomorrow I have a great post to bounce back with!”…and then it just became, “Ohh maybe next year…” I lost it. A lil part of me for the past 2 years had left my side. But the hope was never gone. 

Since I was a lil girl I wanted to be a writer. I blame R.L.Stine and his irresistible Goosebumps books way back when for the inspiration to write my own story. Lol. A lil short story here & a lil short story there, actually written with a pen & pencil, and tons of lil notebooks with ideas. The “Want” to write was always in me. I can’t give up now. I even have been working on my own novel more and more these days…A Zombie Romance Novel and a quirky Vampire story that all started with the wrong choice of song to sing at a cozy karaoke bar.  Move over, Twilight.

But I why couldn’t I keep my last blog going?? I loved it so much and it was just what I wanted. My boyfriend CJ, we’re together almost 2 years this May, figured it out. When I asked him about all of this he told me, “Well, Melababe, why did you originally start the first blog?” My eyes sort of rolled back in my head to remember the crushing time it was for me. I was in love with one of my best friends and I knew the end of his and I friendship was right around the corner & indeed it was. My other friends’ lives were all changing as well and I was so left out. I was stuck in the rut of normal daily routines and needed to find the real me. I was lost.  It felt like that scene in the end of the movie, “Castaway” with Tom Hanks where he is standing at the crossroads looking for which way to turn. 

I am nowhere near the same place I was back then, to which CJ looked at me, kissed me, and then said, “That’s why you can’t write it in anymore…it’s not you anymore. You should start a new one for your new life.”  Bingo. He hit the nail right on the head. I love that man so much.

Enter Lemanie’s Randomnes…

I am on the brink of something big with my life and I have to share it all. I started a 5-year everyday journal because I have this gut feeling these next few years are going to be the most important in all my life. This blog will showcase just how random I truly am. I teach a cupcake class at my old high school, I love movies, my ADHD has my imagination captive and makes it wander the world, I want to be a writer, by day I’m a marketing analyst at a newspaper distribution company, I love to travel to new places, I’m a colonial re-enacter, I bought my first condo a year ago & yes I’m still in boxes, I love meeting famous people (Some of met are Molly Ringwald, Pat Benatar, Chris Jericho, Dan Akroyd, & the Real House Wives of NJ), I’m trying to find a diet that works or at least someway to stay on track, I’m still figuring out my relationship with CJ and all it’s craziness,  I have crazy friends that rack my brain for answers I may need help on from time & time, and I’m addicted to Text Twist. All of that is only the beginning…

I have such high hopes for this new adventure. I can’t wait...

“Every new beginning comes from some other’s beginning’s end.” – Semisonic, “Closing Time”

Title of this Post: “Just an Ordinary Day” – Michelle Branch


  1. Welcome back! I've been looking for one of those 5 year journals, where did you find yours?

  2. Yay for cute new blogs and starting over! I've missed you in the blogosphere. Looking forward to the new posts. xoxo

  3. Hey Melanie! Sometimes it's good to start fresh! I'm glad to see you're doing that. I hope everyone follows you here. I'd say, keep your archived blog posts from Melanie's Randomness, but definitely move onto this one. You're in such a better place! I hope these next few years are just as big as you're hoping! :D

  4. Yey welcome back - i've missed you!

  5. Missed you! so glad to see that you two are together.

  6. great fresh start!! i have missed you too!!! glad you're back! x

  7. i'm all excited for you!!! welcome back to the blogosphere! *confetti*

  8. Yay! for being back in blog land. I've missed your posts!

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