Monday, January 23, 2012

What an Odd Lil Slice of Drama...

Here’s the Background Information:

I’ve been dating my boyfriend, CJ, for almost 2 years this May. His previous big relationship w/ his ex was ended in August 2009 & it had been for 4 years.  She dumped CJ for another guy whom of which she is still dating. She has never re-contacted CJ for any reason. It was a hard breakup for CJ. Of course it would have been due to it being a 4 year relationship…

Anywho, fast forward time to last November. I went to a local bagel shop to get breakfast one morning for CJ and I. I turned to the soda refrigerators and notice a girl staring back at me with a man at her side. At first there was no flicker of recognition, until it hit me. She was CJ’s ex. I immediately looked forward and waited for my sandwiches trying to blend into the crowd. I knew she had gone to stand in line and when I tried to steal a glance over in their direction, the boyfriend was now staring back at me. He quickly jerked his head forward so I wouldn’t catch him staring at me. Yeah, no, I totally saw him. Busted. I get my sandwiches and leave….

Not less than a week later, I get an email for a friend request from this girl on one of my social networking sites' profile. I panicked and told CJ. He was shocked and asked me to show him. I proceeded to log into my account to confirm the friend request. BUT when I went to my profile, the friend request wasn’t there. Odd…CJ and I came to the conclusion that she was creeping around my profile & probably accidentally hit the Friend Request button by mistake & tried to cover up, not realizing I get email alerts of friend requests. Weird but no worries. Actually I thought it was sort of funny.


This Saturday I wake up and check my email. I had gotten a friend request from a girl’s first name I didn’t recognize, but the last name struck a cord. Apparently CJ’s ex has a twin sister. To which I then looked at my profile to confirm the request and AGAIN it wasn’t there, only the email proof.

What the fuck? The odds of ONE mistaken “Add Friend” action is totally pliable. The odds of her twin being just as stupid? I highly doubt it. Also this alleged “Friend Request” was done at 3:15am…That’s a clue. I’m wondering who was drunk or thought it would be cute to start yet again playing with my profile. It could be that there is something wrong w/ my profile but I doubt it.

Now what to do with this pesky lil problem? I have done nothing to provoke these girls or make them hate me or anything except run into one of them by accident. Well I did kiss CJ once in front of his ex at last year’s St. Patty’s Day Parade but in a crowd of people so I doubt she saw me. Regardless that was almost a year ago. This stalking is recent.

CJ and I have decided to send the ex an email and forward her to two email Friend Requests. We are going to try and be adults about this and ask them kindly to stop because honestly I’m in no mood for a lil High Schoolish prank. We are in our mid-20’s not teenagers. Hopefully it will be effective?!?!

Have you had a Cyber Stalking Situation before from a Significant Others Ex? 
How did you handle it?


  1. I don't know if Trey's ex/exes have cyber-stalked me and I definitely don't want to know. >.<

    I'm sorry they're so pathetic, though.

  2. I wouldn't really know what to do at all and I really feel for you. I often imagine Joe's ex coming around here cuz i'm now living where they use to and getting me, but that might just be my overly active imagination. I think all they are wanting to do is to grab any info on you via your social networking.