Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In Which I Freak Out about the Future…"Moving In Together"

Over this past weekend I was very sick & to help me out CJ stayed over in my condo for pretty much 4 days straight. This is the longest we’ve been stayed together in the same place that wasn’t a vacation. Well…cue - freaking out. A lil side note…CJ has Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, so he takes Prescribed Adderall to help him focus & he said it was the best logical decision he’s ever made to help himself out a few years ago. This past weekend, he ran out of his prescription, ergo his mind was not exactly how it usually is normally. I’m hoping a lot of this was not-an-ordinary reaction and sequence of events due to that lil fact.

I have a very small Studio Condo that I am lucky enough to own.  It was a split decision because I’ve always wanted to live on my own at least for a lil while and the opportunity knocked. I would like to repeat that it is a small space but the kitchen is a separate room and there are 3 closets. Cj & I have been batting around for a while now about us moving in together, but it really might be too small of space for CJ and I to live there together.

I knew I wouldn’t live there forever, but it might have to be sooner ending than later. This weekend Cj sort of planted himself on my couch and didn’t move for 4 days. I never realized how noise-centric his hobbies are. If he wasn’t playing video games occupying the one Tv set in my studio, he was playing his guitar which then made it impossible for me to watch TV without the subtitles on. That is going to be a problem. I can always watch TV on my computer when applicable I guess…. Meals became an issue. If we live together the discussion of “What do you want for dinner” will have to come up every night. I will have to keep the stuff he likes in my fridge & plan out stuff each night…I for some reason think this is going to cost me a fortune because he isn’t a sale guy and he is a “I like only that type of brand” for certain things…erm…He took off his clothes and let them fall wherever they fell. In his defense my apartment is not set up yet for him to live there but I don’t do that at his place. I hope that was the non-adderall. Also I don’t have a dishwasher…I never really thought of a dishwasher as a luxury item until now. Lol. I’m fine with washing my own dishes but I’m starting to doubt CJ washing any dishes. This is all freaking me out.

I know it’ll be different when the time actually comes for us to live together but right now a lot of planning and organizing needs to be done on my part. I need to utilize my space a hell of a lot more and be on top of my throwing stuff out & not keeping every little thing habits. I think a much needed trip to Ikea too. I opted to have a full bed instead of a pull-out couch bed and I’m regretting my decision a lil bit. CJ and I now have 2 queen sized beds to deal with. This is not good…I’m going to have to use my attic & prioritize. I just have to start right away…

It doesn’t help that a couple CJ & I used to hang out with just moved in together & then broke up literally 2 weeks later. They were not able to live together at all. It also doesn’t help that my cousin & his fiancée are not doing that great with the living together part either. Oh and it’s of course the blow it out of all proportions episodes of the TV shows I watch where couples are making the plunge to live together. Sigh…Okay…I have to start planning….

Were you Nervous before you Moved in with your Significant Other?? Did it Work?


  1. Yeah I can totally see were your coming from. My guys the first guy i've ever lived with and with moving countries and moving into his apartment was a big move. He does leave his clothes all over the floor, he zones out on computer games for hours, uses something and doesn't put it back. And while he does this I guess it's part of him and it's why I love him. You have to remember that there's probably things you might do that might bug him, like I can be messy, my hair gets everywhere and I apparently can't wash up properly but we work around each other. Oh and with the "what are we having for dinner" issue, Joe said I had to just take more control in the kitchen, cook whatever we're having and just give it to him lol.

  2. The only thing I can add is that if you and CJ are thinking "walking down the aisle" at any point, I HIGHLY recommend you two try living together first. Even if it's against many religious beliefs, I believe it is the best test for long term happiness.

    Good luck with everything!

  3. I totally agree with Shannon. It is a must. I hate living with people. Is that bad to say out loud, considering I've lived with my fiance for almost 4 years? lol I'm just so particular about my things and where I put them. It's definitely been a learning experience because he & I are like nite & day. With that being said, as long as you love each other, you can work out the details. :]

  4. I have never lived with a guy and not sure I ever could. I hate sharing a bed (the only boy I COULD share a bed with without too much hassle was my most recent ex - one of the many things I miss about him, sigh) and I like my own personal space too much.

  5. I don't live with my fiance, but honestly if you're freaking out that much, don't plan on it just yet. You guys need to do it when it feels right for both of you. And you don't need to move into a space that isn't suited for both of you. If you do bicker and you're stuck staring at each other in a tiny living space, then you'll probably just fight more--get cabin fever sometimes, wanna see new things... Don't dive into you know it's right. And don't dive in until there is space for both of you.

  6. This is a conversation The Boy and I are currently having. He's just moved into a new place, which is really small. I have a lot of stuff. I don't think we'll fit it all in. Plus we tend to drive each other nuts over stupid things, like food shopping and the noise issue. I like to be quiet, watch TV or a film or read. He plays noisy XBox games or puts on music that you can hear all over the flat. If we do decide to move in together, some serious compromises are going to have to be made (and we're going to need more room!). So I completely feel for you. xx