Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday = Diet Day!

Starting Weight on 1/31/12: 174.8 lbs
Weight on 2/7/12: 173.8 lbs
Pounds Lost in Wk’s Time:  1 lb
Total Weight Loss: 1 lb

Well…not the best kickoff weight loss I was hoping for, but it’s still a pound lost! Yeah! The Super Bowl didn’t help matters & the sweets that everyone brought in last week at my job. Heart shaped Whoppie Pies…Way too tempting. But all in all on my last Bridesmaid’s trip to try on more dresses, I noticed I was fitting better in a 14 than a 16. When I asked the sales lady for a clip for the back of the dress it really made me happy. The feeling is so motivating. Even just knowing that I had to write this post today boosted me a lil bit too!

The past week w/ paying attention to my weight & diet has truly opened up a new door for me. The bowl of cereal I would munch on in the morning at work, which was only 120 calories a serving, in actuality wound up being 3 servings of cereal. I didn’t realize a serving size was only ¾ cup. My thought-to-be harmless snack was 360 calories. Yes it was fat free but geez, that’s almost an hour on the treadmill at a normal pace!! Apparently a bagel is the equivalent of 5 pieces of bread…I don’t think I want to have a bagel for a long while. Yogurt is surprisingly very filling, especially w/ a lil granola & absolutely delicious. It can be a perfect lil snack. Blueberries are very underrated as a healthy filling breakfast. Mustard w/ Chicken tastes delicious!! Also I realized what I “THINK” I’m doing to help myself out isn’t really much at all, no wonder I only lost a pound. But it also near my time of the month…regardless of what anybody says that does play in as a factor for some women. 

All the diet websites and articles state that 1-2 lbs a week is a great positive goal to shoot for & keeping it off.  I think I’m right on track for healthy weight loss.

There are a few things I’ve changed in my lifestyle that I would like to share as well that I’m going to try and keep up:  
     1.)   Dancing  10-20 every other day or when I have my condo to myself.  – Shakira music videos work best – mimicking her moves is great cardio.
       2.) 4 o’clock snack is an apple
       3.) Paying attention to Serving Sizes.
       4.) Resisting First Monday of the Month Pizza Day – I only had the chicken fingers.
      5.) Walking more than one time around my Corporate Park Buildings. 2 Times around is almost a mile.
      6.) No Eating after 7 or 8 o’clock, depending on the work day.
            7.) Nixing beer drinking – Even Bud Light has a 120 Calories per bottle.
        8.) Fidgeting – My Mom is not so happy about this one. Lol. She told me she tried for 10 years when I was younger to get me to stop. Lol.
      9.) Drinking a Glass of Water w/ every meal. – No more Soda!
     10.) Getting at least 7 hours a sleep at night.

I think it was a successful First Week! Let see what next week will bring! =)


  1. 1lb a week is fantastic progress! Good job!!!!

  2. I think lots of little steps like this are always good ways of losing weight. Something else I would suggest . . . make at least one meal a day one where you don't mix animal fats and carbs. I followed the Harcombe Diet for a while - that was the main principle of it, but my brain just wouldn't let me stick to it all the time. However, i found if I was watching what I ate and followed their rules for ONE meal a day, it made even more of a difference. I tended to make it an egg breakfast such as an omelette or a couple of hard boiled eggs as eggs fill me up for hours (if you like eggs, that's a good tip) or home made chilli with loads of veg, no rice, and some sour cream for dinner. Delicious!

  3. ACK! So I'm just now finding your new blog...how are you??

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