Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mignon Kitchen Co.

Today a special treat was waiting patiently for me at my door. My order from Mignon Kitchen Co had arrived. I quickly ran up my stairs, dropped my keys to the floor, grabbed a scissor and opened the package immediately as if it was Christmas morning...And was absolutely delighted when I saw the lil note...

Mignon Kitchen Co  is a darling new lil shop for people who love cooking and lil goodies. From mini tart pans, to moon cookie cutters, to heart shaped balloons, to bamboo spoons to...there are truly cool things in her shop. She even sells small packaging. Please click the link to see what catches your eye and yes there will be tons of Ooo's & Ahh's.

The owner of the shop is Rachel, who is owner to the warm & refreshing blog, Elephantine, one of my ultimate favorites. Her cooking videos are a true delight and you will fall in love w/ her beautiful posts from food-to clothes-mini knickknacks you wish you had-to short stories-to some much more. You have to go to take a look...

I ordered the Teardrop Vase ($4), the Orange Blossom Honey ($5), the Heart Cookie Cutter ($2.50), and the Small Tart Pan ($5). Her prices are very responsible too! <3

Rachel packaged everything so nicely w/ heavy duty bubble wrap so the vase was pristine as well as the honey. I can't wait til tomorrow to have some of the orange honey w/ my 4pm apple! I was also so excited to receive the tear drop vase that one of my roses left from Valentine's day quickly found a new home...

Everyone I know I want to give them heart cookies now. I feel just like Vincent Price in Edward Scissorhands w/ the heart cookies...

Also I'm so excited to start learning how to make tarts. This lil pan is going to be perfect. I want to start off doing small ones just in case they don't taste good. Oooo I could make hearts out of the pie crust to put on the top of my tarts!! Oooo the ideas are flowing...

Well I'm off for today... Thank you Rachel for the delightful lil things. Check out this darling new shop, Mignon Kitchen Co. whenever you have moment. She also adds new things frequently! Can't wait to see what her shop will have next! =)


  1. thank you so much for this post, melanie! it's very sweet of you. enjoy the honey with your snack tomorrow and good luck with your tart-baking adventures. those types of pans are my favorite because the separated bottom makes it so easy to remove the tart. thanks again :)

  2. They look really neat especially for the price! I hope it leads to lots of happy baking for you!

  3. i love mini cooking goodies- especially with my mini cooking space! her prices seem great too!

    in dramatic fashion

  4. You had me at orange blossom honey. <3

  5. I love Rachel -- she's so talented. Thanks for the info about her new shop!

  6. How adorable! Goodness- can I just buy everything?