Friday, February 3, 2012

On my way to 27 Dresses - Part II

We didn't get a dress last night...AND apparently smaller wedding boutiques only carry one size in each style..........That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of...

It was pretty much a waste of my time last night & it was another blow to my self-esteem. I had to wiggle into sizes 8's & 10's just so they could see if the style worked on me. Of course it wouldn't work on me if it had no chance of fitting. I got so fet up with all of them I told them why don't you try the dress on my cousin and if it looks good on her well just order me my size. That was too easy & unacceptable.

I told my Auntzilla to be at my job at 5:15pm. She showed up to my job at 4:45pm. I really don't think she listens to a word I say. We got to the dress shop an hour earlier than our appointment and because my cousin's fiancee, Carol, is...*CENSORED*...she was in the store for 20 minutes & didn't call us to tell us she was there, meanwhile we wasting time sitting in the car outside waiting for our appointment.

I've actually come to conclusion that there is something seriously wrong with this whole wedding/relationship. If you can't afford to get married in your dream way, take a few step backs in the glamor or put off the wedding for a lil while longer. I don't think I mentioned this but the wedding is actually MAY 20, 2012....Yes that is actually 3 months & 17 days from today. We just started shopping for the bridesmaids dresses oh um 2 weeks ago! I hope Rush Delivery, which will probably be needed, is not another expense I will have to pay. I just got the "Save the Date" card in the mail this week. I don't want to go into full details but my Aunt & Uncle are paying for more than a fair share of this wedding. Carol & my cousin are barely contributing to the costs. We didn't even meet this girl until they were dating a year & didn't tell us they were engaged for 3 months. Carol & my cousin are having fights about stupid lil things too. There's a lot wrong with all of this.

Tonight is the last fitting. It may not be the last stop for Carol & my cousin & whoever else but it will be the last stop for me. I'm done after this. This was supposed to be fun and it obviously isn't. Hopefully this saga will end tonight....Wish me luck!


  1. Sorry this has been such a nightmare for you! :(

    When I read your last post about your auntzilla, I was appalled. You are beautiful, and don't let these insecure children make you feel otherwise!!

  2. Ohhh.... sorry to hear about your bride maid-trouble... think we are lucky locally - usually we don't have to do this bride maid dress fitting, as we are usually advised of a preferred colour of the dress, then it is for you yourself to find the dress as the bridemaid. 99% of the times, the bride to be love your dress (which she usually sees before the weddeing) - one of my BFFs once picked the most gorgeous blue dress, that she has been able to use 3 times as a bridesmaid, as none of those wedding parties' guests overlapped with eachother.
    Hang in there

  3. So... did it end???

    Can't believe they are leaving the bridesmaid dress shopping so last minute. I had mine ordered 7 months before the wedding, although due to us getting sent the wrong dress (which I mentioned previously) we may as well not have bothered being so organised...