Thursday, February 2, 2012

On My Way to 27 Dresses…

I remember when 27 Dresses, the movie came out and I thought it was hilarious. This girl was in all these weddings and it really looked sort of fun, trying on all the dresses & dancing at the actual wedding. My life up until now has been VERY WEDDING SPARSE. I guess having a small family contributes to that cause and having friends relatively my same age. But now that we are all in our mid-20’s the Wedding times are a-coming aka the Bridesmaids dresses are a-coming. 

Well today I’m on my way again to Bridesmaid’s Dress #1. My cousin is getting married and his fiancée asked me to be part of the bridal party. I was so unbelievably excited initially… I had NO IDEA the drama that would be involved with this process.

I’ve heard of Bridezilla, but never an Auntzilla. My Aunt is actually draining the last traces of fun out of this Bridesmaid dress experience. I’ll admit I was 15 minutes late to the last appointment to look at dresses. I have never in all my life had this woman scream so badly at me like I ruined the whole entire day & wedding. The David’s Bridal website had the wrong address for starters and my Aunt clearly has no sense of how to give people correct directions. You give them big landmarks to work off of not the smallest store possible. She started spelling out “K-O-H-L-S” to me on the phone to make sure I got the right place. She was screaming, “Why are you not here?? Everyone else is here. Why are you not here! The appointment was at 6. Why are you not here??” Meanwhile I’m just 10 minutes down the road. I was so stressed I fell and scraped my hand so I was bleeding & I lost my credit card while running to my car.

I got to the David’s Bridal and she proceeded to make me more mad & embarrassed. Apparently she thinks I’m a big girl at a size 14-16. I got news for her, I’m normal sized for an American woman. I also have a 36D chest & am 26 years old, I’m not a little girl. She turned to the dress lady and said, “Do you guys carry bigger sizes? My niece will need a big size.” Meanwhile I had asked for a 14 & a 16 a moment before and the lady didn’t even hesitate. The store carries up to size 26...

Anywho I get one of my dresses and my lil cousin tries on the same dress. We stand in front of my cousin’s fiancée and my Aunt says, “So now Carol, you can see what it looks like on a small girl & a big girl.” If she wasn’t my Aunt and this was all for a friend’s wedding I would have told them to “Fuck off” and walked out. I had enough of all of this nonsense. I gritted my teeth the whole rest of time. I could not believe her. Thanks for making me feel like an elephant. She knows I’ve been trying to lose weight for healthy reasons and looking for positive reinforcement. She apparently forgot…

Later that night she apologized in a text, but I’m still hurt over the whole ordeal. Just because she had a bad day did not mean she had to take it out on me. There are already a lot of issues over this wedding and I don’t think any of us need an Auntzilla amongst it all. Sigh…

I’m going to try and swipe the slate clean today, and just have try to enjoy trying on the dresses. Here’s hoping she doesn’t act up again about my weight or anything…

 How many Bridesmaid’s Dresses are in your Closet? Any Horror Stories like this??


  1. Oh, wow!! You are a better person then I am. I would have walked out!!

    I have four dresses in my closet and fortunately each bride was very easy going. Each bride would pick a color and then let the bridesmaids pick their own dress in that color. So each bridesmaid had a different dress but in the same color. It was nice!! I got to make sure I picked a dress that was flattering to me!

  2. My jaw DROPPED to the floor reading that. Melanie, your aunt was completely out of line. I've seen many pictures of you and you are NOT a "big girl". And even if you were, who cares? Wow. Just wow.

  3. MY feelings are hurt for YOU., That was really bad behavior on her part. You are being very mature and gracious by not lashing back at her. Good luck with future fittings. and PS you are beautiful.

  4. I was a bridesmaid for the first time last year, at 31. (My younger sister is married but went to Mauritius to do it, so I was denied of my opportunity then.) Thankfully my friend who was getting married was very insistent that she wanted everyone to look good so we had very nice dresses (although there was a panic when the wrong dresses arrived, which were really NOT flattering, with only a month or two to go to the big day!). if you're interested, drop me an email and I'll send you a pic of the dress. :-) BTW, I can't believe the cheek of your aunt!!!!

  5. I would have told her off right then and there.
    I only have one dress in my closet and I did like the dress. Although it wasn't the original one us, and the bride wanted. Her mom talked her right out of it.

    Some people are just crazy.
    Good luck!

  6. Oh sweetie, when you post pictures of yourself on here, I always think how pretty you are, and you are not big at all. You're healthy looking too. She sounds kind of awful, that was no way to talk to someone. xx