Sunday, February 19, 2012

Movie Review: The Vow

Movie: The Vow
Genre: Romantic Drama aka "Chick Flick"
My Grade: C+/B-
Actors: Rachel McAdams (The Notebook, Mean Girls, Time Traveler's Wife), Channing Tatum (Step Up), Sam O'Neil (Jurassic Park, Merlin, Daybreakers), & Jessica Lange (American Horror Story, King Kong) 

Synopsis: A car accident puts Paige (McAdams) in a coma, and when she wakes up with severe memory loss, her husband Leo (Tatum) works to win her heart again. (via IMDB)

My Review: Luckily this past Friday Cj's family invited me to the monthly girl dinner/movie night and the movie was the "The Vow". I had heard & read great reviews for this movie, but honestly I'm sort of happy I didn't drag CJ to see it and only paid $7 for my ticket through an Applebees Restaurant deal. 

The plot line hit a nerve. Every girl would want to know that the love of her life would fight again to win her heart even though he already did it once before. This story was inspired by true events as well so I was instantly intrigued. Rachel McAdams, of course, gave a 110% like she always does in movies and is very believable in the part. When she's happy you can see her smile goes up to her eyes, and when she's pissed you know. Channing Tatum is not as seasoned of an actor as she and you could tell. He is a gorgeous man but his acting is a lil flat. But I think the screenplay lacked depth in his part. 

I can't imagine what the man did in real life to win his wife back but I don't think the film showed him doing enough. They showcase a lot of lil things that he did to his wife to win her originally but when she lost her memory it didn't show him being there enough to make her remember. Some points didn't seem as realistic too...Rachel McAdams character seems to not even want to remember her husband, which seemed a bit off. In my opinion if you lose your memory you'd be more open to want to remember, especially when the man is sleeping in the waiting room of a hospital just in case you needed him...

All in all tho, I did enjoy the film. I would watch it on a Sunday afternoon on Lifetime if it was on. I didn't cry but I was a lil relieved. Sometimes you get in the mood to just watch a love story without the tears. It wasn't sappy but that too was refreshing. C+/B-

Recommendations: Girl's night, Matinee, Early-Relationship Date Movie


  1. Personally I think if I lost my memory, I would probably be very wary and very unwilling to rememember stuff... so I kind of identify with the plotline here! I really want to see this film though!

  2. this movie is a typical romance.
    great review :)

  3. I really want to see the vow but I fear i'd be crying within moments!

  4. looking forward for this week-end. Thank u for visiting my blog :)


  5. Totally agree with your review. I was sort of expecting a bit more from this movie, because it had the potential to be sososososo good!