Monday, February 6, 2012

A Pledge...

Sometimes in blogging it is so hard to tell the whole story. You have to pick and choose what parts of the story to tell & leave out. But in the same time have to really get your point across & make sense. However life isn't a 60 minute sitcom with IMDB credits that tell you the lil trivia aspects that make you go "Ohhh, I get it now." 

With this new blog I pledge to tell the whole story, the truth & nothing but the truth. I honestly believe from ages 24-28 are the most defining years of your life. From all the people I've met it still seems to be holding true.  Changes happen, roads are taken, and decisions are made. I promise to let it all out. Air the dirty laundry because maybe if I tell my story it can help someone one day or even make someone smile.

The Super Bowl intercepted Sunday Stolen Moments but it will be back next Sunday. What a game! Tomorrow will be Diet Day...erm...well it's supposed to Super Bowl goodies. See you tomorrow....


  1. I have to tell myself the same thing when I'm writing. I deleted my old bolg, because life had changed sooo much since I started it years ago, and I felt my voice had changed, also. Good luck with your new blog!! :)

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