Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Stolen Moments

As I finish watching The Oscars I thought I would do this week's Stolen Moments by uploading my camera pictures for the past few weeks.

CJ's cat Angel ready to pounce
Cj & I @ The Pool Hall

I love Yogi Tea because every tea bag has a beautiful message of inspiration...

My lil Cupcake in my cubicle.

Delicious Pizza at Olaf in Nyack, NY.

Yes I coupon...ALOT! =)

Homemade Baby Shower Cookies from my friend Erin's shower. Best wishes Erin! =)

Cj practicing the guitar...My music man...

The Valentine's Card I made for CJ w/ Chuck & Sarah from Chuck.

"Love me Tender" French Toast @ Strawberry Place...French Toast, bananas, strawberries, chocolate chips, & whipped cream...YUMMY!

Me at the end of the day...
What were your Weekend Stolen Moments?

Til Tomorrow.... 


  1. Nice pics - you are a coupon queen for sure!!!

    And that cookie favor from the baby shower looks delicious. Now I was a sweet and it's only 9 in the morning. Oy!

  2. This post is really nice, I like it so much!!! These photos are amazing!!!
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  3. Whoa! That's a crazy amount of coupons!!!!

    Love that photo of you and your man. What a cute couple!

  4. That pizza looks amazing. And, I am INTRIGUED by your'll have to teach me some of your skills! Does it work?


  5. Great to see into your life again! Missed ya ;)

  6. Those meals look so delicious!

  7. may i please have some of that french toast?!