Friday, February 24, 2012

Today will be a Brighter Day...

This was an odd week...My boss wasn't in all week so there was this eerie quiet in my cubicle that I think drove me a lil over the edge. I caught up on all my time sensitive work and finally got to go through my sea of papers. (Diet Tip: Yes, it's good to get up to walk to the printer, but it's bad to have useless print-outs that are just taking up space, hehe. Eventually you have to sift through the junk.) Cj got a great review at his job, but his raise was hmmm...not equivalent to the review. Odd?!? My grandmother is in the hospital but luckily she is okay. I'm going to visit her on Sunday. Oh yeah and paid bills...yeesh. Christmas has to be more practical next year, more DIY's I think. =)

But you have to dust yourself off and make the next day a lil bit brighter. I've owned my studio condo now a lil over a year and am in a style rut. As I prepare for CJ moving in and Spring I'm going to be making small changes to brighten up my lil home. Who would've thought switching out a few things would make all the difference in a lil dark corner...


Black Photo Frame, Mamas & the Papas Photo Album, a lil flower painting from Paris, and a DIY from a friend Debra. All beautiful but dark...


APT 9 Hanging Cubes, a lil plague painting, and random decor items. I still even got to use my photo frame, just vertical. Just the switch to those white cubes opened up the space and brought a lil light to that dark lil corner. 

Thank you Kohls for the hanging cubes!

Lil changes work best I'm finding. =) I hope today is a lil bit brighter for all of you! I have a few things up for this weekend so stay tuned! See you all soon! =)


  1. I love them hanging cubes - they look amazing and so handy too!

  2. I adore shadow boxes! Looks good. :)

  3. Like how you change!!!

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    Have a nice day!

  4. so great! ;)

    "comment made by boy"

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