Monday, March 5, 2012

So What's Happening Now w/ The Wedding??

"A Happy Ending is a Powerful Thing." 
- Once upon a Time

I think I've said that phrase more times than my comfort zone in the past few days. I've been on my way to collecting 27 Bridesmaids' dresses and I think I'm learning more than I've bargained for, so much more.

My Cousin's wedding is May 20th. There has already been drama about the bridesmaids dresses and alas 2 months is not over. No "Resolved Conflict" can be written yet. From 5 embarrassing dress fittings for me, a dress was chosen. I was not present at the final selection fitting and of course the comment, "Are you sure a 16 will fit you? What if they run small?" comment was made to me, aggravating me a lil more. I don't understand some of my family's warped perception of weight & sizes.

Anywho, even tho a prom dress was chosen as the bridesmaid's dress there are a few issues.

1.) The dress shop did not tell the bride she had to order all the dresses at one time before they would physically place the order.
2.) The bride's cousins starting asking who was going to pay for the bridesmaid's dresses? Well, apparently they didn't understand that they were supposed to buy it themselves. There is drama over how many of them now will be part of the wedding now that the dress isn't free for them.
3.) We still don't have the dresses or hair appointments or make-up appointments listed...or shoes...It breaksdown that there is very little organization besides what my Aunt is doing for my cousin & his fiancee.

Next order of business is the bridal shower. We were given the date of March 24 to not plan anything around that day. Well that is no longer the day because they couldn't decide where to have the shower. Now the shower will be sometime in April, but not the planned date of the 16th because they forgot it was our grandmother's 87th birthday. There are things in this world that take precedent. I really don't know what is going on here w/ all of this. Also my Aunt, the groom's mother is pretty much planning the whole wedding and honestly paying for too much of a fair share of it as well.

I always thought the Maid of Honor was supposed to help plan the shower & sort of take the reins of the wedding planning w/ of course the help from the other bridesmaids so the bride doesn't get overwhelmed. Somehow this wedding is so backwards and I don't know if I should feel sorry for the bride because this all seems like such a mess,  but she seems to be letting it spiral out of control. I know every girl doesn't have their perfect wedding all planned out, but this bride seems to be just be hoping it all somehow works out. She has been sick for like the past few weeks too and it is definitely the stress turning her stomach in knots. I would love to know what is going on her head.

The wedding is in about 2 and a half months and they still haven't sent out the invitations. I'm starting to wonder if they really want to get married. Cj thinks that all of this are signs that this wedding is going to happen. I hope he's not right and I hope this all does work out for them. I don't even know now how I could even help the situation if I asked...I guess I got to keep my fingers crossed for them.

Summary of What I've Learned So Far of Weddings:

1.) Brides please pick the bridesmaid's dress of your choice and tell the girls where to go to get fitted. End of Story. There will always be someone who doesn't like it. 
2.) Some places give a discount on the bridesmaids' dresses if you buy your wedding gown there. 
3.) Small Bridal Boutiques have 1 Size per Style Dress. It is usually a size 6-10. 
4.) I know we all want the perfect wedding but you can't have a million dollar eye w/ a hundred dollar wallet. There are many ways to save money on the whole process, especially finding out if the wedding venue supplies a cake w/ the wedding package &/ or free hotel rooms for family guests.
5.) Don't pick a date for the Bridal Shower before you have a place in mind.
6.) Don't forget to send out the invitations within 3 months of the wedding & send the Save the Date Card at least 6 months ahead.
8.) Make sure you pick a wedding date far enough in the future so you are not scrambling or just start earlier on the planning. 6 months flies by when your not looking.

I'm curious how the next 3 months are going to unfold w/ this wedding. I will definitely be giving updates. Til Tomorrow... 


  1. Oh my word i'm glad my wedding didn't turn out like this because i'd be a total stress head! I'm start hinting for them to get a wedding organiser at this rate!

  2. At least you are learning lots of tidbits and tips for when your big day comes, eh? :)

  3. So nice of you to share all this lovely points! Love weddings to bits.

  4. And this is why if I ever get married again I'm eloping. Weddings are a PAIN.

  5. Don't even get me started on weddings. I hate them. I hate being in them, I hate going to them (unless I really love the person). Have you read my ultimate rant about David's Bridal on my blog? I went a little nuts. Im also the maid of honor and although I have no problem fulfilling all of my duties, but I can't help but feel both sorry and confused for the bride. The amount of stress and money involved is insane. Why? For one night? I swear most girls get married for other people more than they do for themselves. Good luck!

  6. I have mentioned before that I was in a wedding party for the first time last year and the stress it caused me . . . never again. Actually, there wasn't a LOT of stress but it still got a bit too much for me towards the end. It's actually made me pretty sure that if i ever DO get married (unlikely but you never know!) I will probably do what my sister did and go away and get married (she went to Mauritius and just had the party when she got back). It seems sooo much easier in the long run.