Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Stolen Moment...A Garter & A Bouquet...

What a week that just passed. A sleep-infused much needed weekend followed. I've never been so emotionally tired. Each morning tho, I woke up in CJ's arms and it was just so wonderful & peaceful I barely wanted to wake up. If CJ & I wind up together for the long haul I love that I have pictures of when him and I first met. There is even a picture from the night when we first became boyfriend & girlfriend. I wonder if one day I can show our kids these pictures and say this is when Mommy & Daddy met. How cool is that?

This weekend I went over to my grandparents' house to start organizing old photos and found pictures of the day my parents met. It was a classic story of a girl catching the bouquet & a boy catching the garter and a wedding. My mom's sorority sister was my father's cousin, ergo they both were this lady's wedding.  It always sounded so romantic to me. Then my Mom called my Father for the date 3 days later and they went to see Star Wars. =) 

Well now I can actually see the story unfold before me. It was so awesome I had to share...

The day my parents met in pictures in 1978. 

My Mom caught the bouquet as my cousin katie tried to grab it.

My cousin Cookie & abula tried to help my Mom up.

I love my Mom's hair in this picture... She looked so pretty. I've actually worn this dress...<3

My father is the handsome man in the purple shirt & vest w/ the garter in his hand.

Apparently my Mom said to my father you can go up a lil higher...

My Mom says she still remembers this kiss...she knew then & there she had to see him again...

I am so happy to have found these pictures. I will cherish them always...

What Were Your Weekend Stolen Moments? 

I'd love to hear...


  1. :] This made me so happy! How beautiful and romantic. That is such a special thing to have documented!!

    I had nice weekend hanging out with friends. I move home in two weeks so it is nice having a few last hang outs before being split up by distance.

  2. This is so romantic! I agree, I love the idea of having photos (and diary entries) to document relationships. I ironically just spent my weekend throwing out two months' worth of emails and two years' worth of trinkets that remind me of a mismatch gone sour, but I'm determined the next one will be worth documenting.

  3. Are you kidding me?? This is so fantastic. You are so lucky to have this moment captured like this. I got chills, lady. Chills.

  4. What a sweet story! Your parents are awesome. It'd be great to have "beginning" photos...I haven't seen many from my parents' early days, but lots of them from when they were first married and just starting their life together.

  5. such cute photos!

  6. Sooo precious. What a cute post!

  7. Wow, how lucky to find something this cool to link you to the past! That's crazy sweet that they hit it off right from the start. True love I guess. And a Star Wars date?! Perfect. :)

  8. Isn't finding old pictures the best?? I'm so glad you shared these photos. That is a romantic story!