Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shouldn't I Have Recieved the Invitation By Now??? Is that Normal....

As my life is starting to take the next twists & turns, I'm starting to realize I am more naive on certain subjects than I thought. For example following a lot of Mommy blogs I'm learning what to do, what not to do, and what to expect, and how to properly nose clip your nose for the first diaper overloads... But all of that will come in due time when I'm ready.

Mostly now, my life is throwing at me a few weddings, especially my cousin's wedding, which has just been a bag of fun & surprises *insert sarcasm here*. The wedding is May 20th. This is my first wedding where I have been part of it and I'm frankly a lil confused on the timing of everything so I'm hoping to bat around some ideas w/ everyone here so the next wedding I have to help plan I'll have more of a clue. I also have to add in for my cousin's wedding that he is very lazy and it appears that his fiancee is a queen at procrastinating. Here has been the timeline of receiving information. 


The wedding is May 20th. Guests received the "Save the Date" cards in late February. A lil less than 3 months before the wedding. But then a wedding I have to go to on November 10th, 2012 sent out the "Save the Date" magnets in early March, roughly 7 months before. I think the 7 months prior is better.

What is the Protocol on How Early to send the "Save the Date" card??

As I've stated, my cousin's wedding is a lil over 2 months away and I have not recieved the wedding invitation yet. I just received the Bridal Shower invitation, which the shower is in 2 weeks. But because this is my first wedding I'm being invited to, I really don't know if this is odd....

What is the Protocol on How Early to send the Wedding Invitations?
 Any Ideas?


  1. I think save the dates are usually sent out pretty early, normally around the time the date has been officially selected. This is especially important to send out to friends/family that is out of town.

    I think the invite rule for weddings is 2 months advanced notice.

  2. The rule for weddings is that invitations be sent out six weeks before the wedding. :) I so don't miss dealing with that stuff. Ha!

  3. Either way, they should have sent them out earlier. I hate when you have to be involved in someone's wedding and they suck at organization and crap. I always just want to be like "move aside, let me do it" haha

  4. Yes, you should've got them at least 6 weeks before!

    The way we're doing it (because we've got my family flying in from overseas) is we're informally telling them the year just now, send save-the-dates a year before, and then invites 3 months before. I think we might be a tad "early" when talking in general terms, but like I said, we've got people flying in so they do need that notice.. :)