Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Holiday Madness...Stolen Moments...

Remember that movie, Four Christmases? Well  Cj & I did just that...Easter version. I'll give you a timeline...

Saturday 1pm = Visit one of my grandmother's in the hospital. 
Saturday 3pm = Passover Seder at CJ's Mom's friend's house
Satuday 9pm = CJ's cousin Sam's birthday party

Sunday 10am = Easter lunch at my other Grandparent's house  in Connecticut
Sunday 3pm = Easter Dinner at CJ's cousin's house. 

Somehow we squeezed it all in. It was a lil tough to be honest. By the last car ride home, I was so quiet CJ asked me what was wrong? I told him sheer exhaustion, which is a serious understatement. hehe.

Long story short, here are some photos from my weekend! 

Be back tomorrow! =)

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  1. oh, those malted milk eggs look so good...i ate some of those over the weekend too! :)