Friday, April 13, 2012

The Weekend is Almost Here!!

Sweet Weekend you are almost here! I seemed to blink and you were gone, but seriously this week overstayed it's welcome w/ way too much work. I  couldn't seem to get my footing w/ anything constructive. It happens, but hopefully I can catch up some rest tomorrow. 

Tomorrow I'm going to visit one of my grandmother's in the hospital. She was not feeling well and has no energy. Hopefully some re-hydration & some antibiotics will do her some good! Sunday it's my other grandmother's 87th birthday! Seriously these women are so strong and have been such a positive influence on my life. I love them so much! 

Maybe just maybe I will even get to see Titanic. I first saw it when I was 11...Unbelievable how time flies. Now I can go see it without a parent & don't need the token sex/nudity talk I got back then. lol. Hopefully too I can get some reading time for "The Hunger Games." I started it and the book did grip me but my auto-pilot tendencies this week knocked the wind out of me a lil too much to pick it up again.

Best wishes everybody for a lovely weekend!


  1. I can't wait to re-watch Titanic in theaters!

  2. I was a senior in high school when Titanic came out. You're making me feel old, lady! ;)

  3. Hope your gran is feeling better soon! Enjoy your weekend x

  4. I still need to finish Mockingjay. I've been putting it off because I'm not ready to read the ending.