Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Lil Bit About Me...

In this blog world, sometimes it’s hard to paint a picture of what type of person the blogger actually is in real life. I realized I haven’t done many “About Me” posts since I started this new blog for my new followers. Yes, you’ve seen I teach a cupcake decorating class, love to eat in a fancy restaurant every once in a blue moon, I’m trying to process becoming an actual adult w/ adult decisions, and that I’m the person people come to with their issues, but I have a lot more random things up my sleeves each day. 


 Here is a few lil tid bits of who I am:

*One of my favorite things ever is Blooper Reels. I can watch them over and over. My Favorites are old Star Trek ones & Big Bang Theory.

*Once upon a time I wanted to be a Fashion Designer…and a Writer….and then a Lawyer…and then an Engineer…Settled for a Bachelor’s in Mathematics. Maybe I’ll get my dream engineering job one day!

*I’m obsessed w/ anything Nightmare before Christmas. I don’t think I can count how many lil things I have for that movie! From Christmas Ornaments, to dolls, to music boxes, to cell phone charms to you name it.

*I am a walking Jeopardy board. I know so much random information it could make your head spin…especially about movies…Ask Me Anything

*All through my life I’ve been compared to Sleeping Beauty because I always look exhausted. My engineering sorority name was even Aurora. My car’s name is Aurora. I hope one day I can name a baby girl Aurora…if not the name will definitely land in one of my stories.

*I have Adult A.D.H.D. and it sucks, plain and simple. I have to sometimes force my brain to cooperate w/ myself. It’s sort of like the TV remote to my brain is stuck in the sofa cushions flipping the channels on their own, but most of the time I win the war and find the remote.

*I can be the laziest person ever. Here’s an example: It’s April now and I STILL have Christmas bows in my car. Yeah…I need to seriously get my act in gear one day very soon. 

*I love meeting famous people. I met Dan Akroyd & have a signed Skullhead vodka bottle, I met Pat Benatar and have her signed book, Molly Ringwald too! I am always looking for a new signing!!

*My favorite show of all-time was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Everytime I catch it on, I HAVE to watch it!! 

*I am a self-diagnosed Pack Rat. I have everything from an Alex Mack board game, to Victorian Marie Antoinette figurines, to saved concert & movie tickets, to Batman action figures, to old bookmarks, to boxes...i love tiny boxes and candy dishes...In my future houses I long to have an office so I can showcase it all, my own private lil corner. CJ will have his man cave & I will have my office. =)

* My lil claim to fame is that I was an extra in The Birthday Massacre video, "Looking Glass". They are my favorite band and I got to chill w/ them for 2 whole days. They are amazing!! It was one of the coolest experiences in my life. I'll have to write it about it more in future posts!

Well that's a lil bit about me, hope you enjoyed getting to know me a lil better!

 Do you feel that sometimes it's hard to convey who you truly are w/ blogging?


  1. Excellent post! My spanish name in high school was Aurora. I love it! :)

  2. You know, I don't think my personality comes out when writing posts, but it really comes out when commenting. That's when I feel like I can sit down and think about the topic and just let loose. That's my favorite part.

  3. OMG, a fellow Buffy-ite!! I was obsessed with that show and have seen every episode!! What's your favorite one?

  4. Nice post!! Great blog BTW. You are invited to follow or check out my blog anytime!! Have a great day!!

  5. I would love to meet Dan Ayroyd and Molly Ringwald! You lucky dog. I'm lazy too. I didn't take down my actual Christmas tree until like a month ago. And that's mainly because my friends were picking on me. I considered just leaving it up until next year without the ornaments, maybe start a new trend.