Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Year From Now...

"A Year From Now You Will Wish You had Started Today..."
- Karen Lamb

What powerful words to motivate me through this month of May. April was ended on such a sad note, but  it has taught me to not wait until tomorrow, but seize the day. My grandmother loved the beauty of the world & I want to make sure I experience all that I can. The possibilities are endless...

Elizabeth Gilbert ate, prayed, & loved in her year journey through Italy, India, & Bali, finding a truer version of herself. Julie Powell dramatically cooked her way through Julia Child's cookbook, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and forever changed her life. The Olympic contestants took 4 years to train for this upcoming Olympics and the fervor of their determination motivates millions for the chance at the next series of games.  What if I started something that could forever change my life?? What if I had that goal & determination??

I've learned that this room isn't going clean itself, the perfect job isn't going to fall in my lap, and those last 15 pounds aren't going to melt off eating burritos every other day. I have to take one step, then another, and then another. A friend of mine recently told me that while he was being there for his Dad at AAA meetings he was learning valuable life lessons that truly affect one's life for the better. The most important one was baby steps. Leaping can overwhelm or even leave you vulnerable to broken ankles (metaphorically speaking). But baby steps are gradual & can result in awesome things. Thanks Alex for telling me that when I needed it.

In the month of May I plan on starting to become Wilton Certified so I can teach more Cupcake Classes. I've already gone to the gym two days this week and loving the natural endorphin rush. Nothing too crazy, some bicycling & treadmill. Hopefully I'll work my way up the machines. I plan to start weaning myself off of Soda. I know it's going to suck, but instead I'm going to try to drink Tea. I want to truly Spring/Summer Clean my apartment, yes even dusting the radiators. It's all within my reach...I just have to remember I can do it, I deserve it. 

I really do wonder what my life will be like in a year from now...May 1st, 2013...here I come...

What is something a year from now you'd like to look back on and say I started today or tomorrow?


  1. Such a great post and that quote is totally true! There is so many things I want to start today:) Muah, sweetie.

  2. So true. I need to start getting my head into gear into looking for a decent job and shifting some of these extra snuggly bits on my hips haha!

  3. The last paragraph is pretty much my goals-beside the cupcake class thing haha. I'm getting a treadmill and I want to work myself up to being a runner. I weaned myself off soda a couple of months ago and it was haaard. Headaches and moodiness. But now I drink too much sweet tea which is just sugar water so I need to lean more towards water and juice. I also want to really get my house organized. I still have stuff in boxes and I've been living here for almost 2 years! haha

  4. What a great post and something everyone should remember. Sometimes we don't feel ready but we have to take the plunge anyway. You may never feel ready, but often when we take that leap of faith, we grow very quickly and see that we're capable of amazing things when we push ourselves. Best of luck with the cupcake certification! x

  5. I've never meant anyone that was happy that wasn't towards something. Having goals and moving towards things is part of living a happy life.