Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Balance…Defining the Edge…

Somehow in all the craziness, Cj and I have a balance of give & take in our relationship. The balance appeared one day naturally and we just let it swing us here & there. I think this is one of the reasons that our relationship works. When I’m sick he makes me soup, when he’s sick I make him tea, and we are both sick we decide to stay away from each other so we can both get better. Lol. I’ve been going to his band practices for support, he’s going to my cousin’s wedding to support me, he came and held my hand the entire duration of my grandmother’s funeral, and every time he speaks about his late father I fasten my mouth closed and listen to him, letting him talk for hours if he chooses. We’ve been talking a lot about our possible future together and this balance is one of our strong points…

When the lead singer of CJ’s band noticed I was coming to more practices she took me aside and asked me a question:

Why do you come to practices to watch CJ? You have come to the last three of them…Why?

A lil dumbfounded at her question, I answered because he asked me to come and it was within my power to go. I told her how he is supportive of my Adult Ed Cupcake Class and has even helped me on several occasions deliver them &/or tell people how great my cupcakes are. I would love to do the same for his new band. Take photos if he needs me to or videotape them playing. I went on to say we’ve been in a relationship for 2 years & if he wants me to be there, then I will be there. I wouldn't think twice. He also looks hot playing his bass but I didn’t tell her that lol. 

She looked at me w/ a half-smile and said,

“I’m considering breaking up w/ my boyfriend because he won’t come to see me practice & sing.  I’ve done several things for him just because he’s asks me too but he won’t return the support to me. Is that messed up or what? Shouldn’t he want to go to practice to support me? It is so awesome that you come to see CJ play. He lights up like a F**** Christmas tree when you come w/ him…I want that with my boyfriend…is that too much to ask for???”

I looked her dead in the eye and told her that it is NOT too much to ask your boyfriend to come see you sing & play. There should be that balance between a boyfriend & girlfriend and support. She shook her head, “Yeah” and was like “Exactly”. I told her they should sit down together and really evaluate what each other wants from their relationship. I hope they work it out, or find out that they aren’t right for each other & want different things. *Keeping my fingers crossed for her*

Relationships are a funny thing, but that balance holds them together.

Do you agree? Is there a balance in your relationship of give & take?
I’d love hear…

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