Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Embracing A Pear – Wannabe Hour Glass – Body

Starting Weight on 1/31/12: 174.8 lbs
Current Weight on 5/8/12: 170.2 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 4.6 lbs

Wow, Pinterest is amazing because somehow I found a picture of a Pear w/ my name on it?!?!?! *Insert Creepy Music*. But it is completely right on the mark. I am a Pear, hear my roar. What am I talking about? Well, “People with a Pear Body Shape have hips wider than their shoulders because their bodies store fat there and on the thighs.” Via BMI CALCULATOR.  That is my body in a nutshell. It sounds silly to assign a fruit doppelganger to see what body type you are but it’s true and embracing that fact has changed my whole diet outlook.

Reading all the articles on how to properly work-out has pushed my brain into overdrive w/ lil success. I can’t do a plank position to save my life. However that’s okay, there are other just as powerful & effective exercises that do the same thing. I think even just telling myself, “Hey that’s okay that you can’t do the plank position” is a motivator to do something else that will be more constructive for my body-type. There is even articles called, "Best Workout for a Pear Body" that brings a smile to my face. Accepting my body-type has helped me to realize there are specific things I can do to help that will get real results & it brings on a more positive feeling of accomplishment. The websites I’ve been using to see these work-outs in before & after positions are Shape Magazine, Women’s Heath Magazine, Whole Living, Fitness Pal, & Spark Diet. ( FYI – Magazines all have websites and usually display exercepts from their new issues online – if your trying to cut money corners – don’t buy that $5 magazine, just look on their website for that big article’s highlights.) 

Mostly I’ve been working on lots of cardio to work out my legs & hips. My arms have always been muscular from my Track Field Events days & Cheerleading so my main concentration is my hips & legs. I have been getting up every hour, even if it’s just to the kitchen at work to get a drink. On lunch time I’ve been walking at least 20 minutes a day. I just wasn’t seeing enough results changing my diet alone…The Treadmill & the Bike are really bringing this to light I think. I have been noticing my belly is flatter too from the exercise.  Almost 5 lbs down…finally


In regards to my diet, I have been trying to incorporate more detoxing foods like blueberries, strawberries, & blackberries into my diet, especially for breakfast. Ah, and mangos…One medium mango is perfect snack for me along w/ some Almonds. Also, Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt w/ the fruit on the bottom is my new go-to meal finisher. I actually have been trying to eat smaller portions at lunch on smaller plates…BUT after completing my meal if I’m still hungry 20 minutes later I will eat the Yogurt and usually it clenches the hunger; w/ 12g of protein it really makes you feel full. 

 Sara Rue - Before & After

Additionally there are a few other quick things I’ve been doing that hopefully in a few more weeks I’ll really see the results:

  1. Do not eat anything out of a bag. Pour out the chips you are going to eat in a bowl or on a plate. That way you see what your eating, not just blindly pulling out chips or candy.
  2. I’ve switched to Skim Plus Dairy Creamer at work to nix the extra cream calories in my coffee. I really can’t taste the difference. 
  3. Days of Rest from the gym are a must so your muscles can unwind for a day or two during the week. 
  4. Look at Positive & Healthy Women as motivation, not the Victoria Secret catalog. – Examples: Jennifer Goodwin, Jennifer Hudson, Sara Rue, Raven Simone, Jordin Sparks, & even Kelly Osbourne who has kept off the DWTS weight loss.
  5. I stopped drinking beer. It has been hard to resist a Corona w/ lime, but a glass of wine leaves me more satisfied w/ no wear near the amount of carbs. 
  6. Keep Going!!!
Almost Under 170….Gotta keep at this…I have my cousin’s wedding in 2 more weeks & Mexico in a lil over a month…Motivation galore…*Just Breathe*

Have you been trying any new Exercises?? Any New Tips You’ve Noticed are Working? Are you a Pear, an Apple, or an Hour-Glass?? How do you deal w/ it?


  1. "Do not eat anything out of a bag. Pour out the chips you are going to eat in a bowl or on a plate. That way you see what your eating, not just blindly pulling out chips or candy."

    This is SO true. And something I'm still working on when then 9pm munchies strike.

  2. Congrats on your success so far! That is awesome. I really love all your tips. I am a pear shape as well! I used to hate being a pear shape but now I sort of like it. My hips and legs are my biggest issue though still. I need to start working out. I plan to ride my bike an hour a day and hope that will tone my legs up.

  3. Good for you!! I admire you...not sure i have the willpower to keep it up!

  4. I finally got a treadmill so today I ran/speed walked 1.25 miles. Not much, but not bad for a first day. I'm not really pear shaped, I hold weight in the middle horribly. My stomach and face/chest/arms is where all my fat is. Great tips! Thanks! I like these posts :)

  5. I'm so glad you posted this. I am too a pear-shaped woman. I'm 5'10 and 175. Last year, I participated in a weight loss challenge and lost 25 lbs and got the smallest I think I've ever been. I started wearing a size 8 and I fetl great! The only problem was that the diet and workout schedule I was on was NOT realistic. Now I'm battling with accepting myself as beautiful and finding a good schedule and weight that works for me. I really love the article you found! I'm going to try some of those out when I go to the gym next!

    For me, I just try to eat well and small portions. I tried not drinking beer but as a bartender, I have to, which sounds weird. But I realy admire what you're doing! Us curvy women must stick together!

  6. I'm a banana. My body is basically straight down the line. I WISH I had a booty... that would be awesome! But I do love my small backside because it means I can fit into smaller pants.

  7. Funny thing is I eat way to many pears. I eat up to four pears a day.


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