Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Oddest & Weirdest Wedding I WILL EVER GO TO!!!

The Wedding did happen...but what a story do I have to tell....

Have you ever been a wedding where the bride shows up to venue at 11:45am when she was supposed to be there at 8:30am and the ceremony was supposed to be at 11:30am.... I have...

A Wedding with Doves thrown after the announcement of Husband & Wife, but then the doves won't come out of the box so the groom has to shake them out and up into the air?.... I have...

One where all the bridesmaids shoes were ruined because the photographer told us to stand in the grass and we sunk right into it with our high-heels???....  I have...

A wedding where the sermon mentions bank accounts, divorce, & how a marriage is ruined so don't do this and that? I have...

A Wedding where the Bride & Groom sat at their own table and barely talked to any of the guests??? I have...

Have you ever been to a wedding when the whole bridal party, bride, & groom don't show up until 10:15 when they were supposed to all be there between 8:30am-9am??? I have...

A wedding where there is a jeweled belt on the cake??????  I have...

Needless to say this was the oddest wedding ever. I showed up at the venue on time and NO ONE WAS THERE!!!! Never would I think I'd be the first ones to be there. My parents and I had mimosas with the staff. Slowly everyone came and the panic rose because the bride was late. We couldn't get a hold of her either until she walked in at 11:45am. During the ceremony a train went by so you couldn't hear the pastor & then the firehouse whistle went off.... What is odd is that EVERY picture I have of the bride she is not smiling... Ever smile on my cousin looks fake...I don't know what to think of that. I can't believe we all ruined our shoes in the mucky grass. The food at the place we went to was inedible.    The bride & groom just stayed at their own table. I don't have one picture w/ my cousin and just one picture with the bride that I had to wait in line to get because they didn't go around to anybody...Who does that??? There was enthusiast dancers with barely any clothes on that was tacky, the cake had too much bling on it, and one of the other bridesmaids never even said hello to me. The maid of honor didn't make a toast, the bride's family stayed on one side & my family was on the other side. It was so odd... They had a video montage of the wedding at the wedding...HUH?!?!?! We all banged our spoons on the glasses and Alex didn't get the hint to kiss his wife. I really felt like I was at someone's wedding I didn't know because of how impersonal they were to the guests...It was unbelievable.

I could go on forever about how awkward things were but there are some beautiful pictures I'd like to share.... The two best parts of the wedding was dancing w/ CJ and one of the bride's cousins dragging me on the dance floor and said, "Melanie, we have to steal you to dance! We're cousins now! We have to dance"! It was the nicest thing ever...and it didn't even come from my new cousin-in-law. It came from her second cousin through marriage...Weird...

Alas here are some pretty pictures that I manage to take...Carrying my phone in my cleavage is hard to do when your dress is held up by double sided tape. I did love how I did my hair. First time using a curling iron....

My lil Cousin & me
My Cousin Stephen & me
My Cousin smiling & the Best Man
The Doves...
The Bride & My Cousin (The Groom)

Cj & Me <3
The Cake & it's jeweled belt
The Bride & Me

I'm happy it's over....This wedding was an ordeal. I can now hang Bridesmaids Dress #1 in my closet now...Whew...


  1. I've never been a big fan of going to weddings, I don't think it's much of a guy-thing really. Ah well, there will be others that you love.

    By the way you look great Mel, your hair is spectacular!

  2. I can attest that no wedding turns out perfect, but this one is definitely one of the worse cases!

    I went to a wedding this weekend where the DJ was playing the music louder at the tables than on the dance floor. Talk about annoying!

  3. Wow that was on hell of a roller coaster to the very end! I wouldn't have expected any less of the show I will admit. I can see what you mean about her smile not looking right. Regardless you look gorgeous and you and CJ look fab together!

  4. Ha! I'm sure I committed many faux pas at my wedding- please don't judge haha! But late? I'm never late to anything. That, at least, I did right.

  5. HAHAHA Wow, that sounds like the weirdest wedding ever. I went to my cousins years ago and the preacher talked about sex during the sermon. It was odd. Aren't you glad it's over now?!

  6. Oh my god. You made this up! ;o)


  7. Weddings are always super fun to go. Such happy times.


  8. lovely photos. i like your dress.


  9. Congrats on the love event! Beautifully captured! Go pink!!!