Monday, May 7, 2012

The Case of the Mondays...

Ever have just one of those days? What was funny was I thought today was going productive & I was getting a lot done!?!? I even wrote out a "To Do" list and I'm happy to say I crossed off a lot of things I had to do off that list, but apparently it didn't show on my face. I must have looked really sad because my boss even came to me and asked me, "What was wrong?". A lil dumbfounded I told him nothing...just a lil tired. But there is something not quite right and I can't put my finger on it. 

I'm not depressed, but I think being here & there & then here & then cartwheeling over there is showing on my face. That is so not like me. I am totally that lil kitty up there hoping to catch that red light. I want to be all smiles and not be Wednesday Addams 24-7. I also have been working out & exercising so I'm not sure if it's just the awkward phase between goal weight & um...not. I'm oddly losing more weight in my face so my dark circles are more pronounced & my cheeks look hollow... hmmm...I need that vacation I think to rejuvenate. 

Hopefully seeing Eve 6 on Thursday night will help bring my spark back too.  Remember Eve 6, they sang, "Inside Out" & "Here's to Tonight" that was on every Totally Hits or Now CD back in the day. It should rock! 

Yeah, I'll get my spark back. It'll happen...Starting tomorrow...


  1. I get like that some days too. I hope you can shake it off soon. The concert should be an excellent pick me up :]

  2. Eve 6 brings me back to high school. Enjoy that concert!!

  3. I love pictures of kitchens. They are always super cute. I love how people always put cute quotes in the pictures of them too.