Monday, May 14, 2012

Sick & Phone Calls…

Forgive the lack of posts last week, but I’ve been so sick I can barely keep my head up. Of course when you’re sick it turns out to be the busiest week. I’m lucky tho to be sick now because I have the wedding this weekend & my trip to Cancun next month. Whew…Nothing a lil more tea, lime, & honey can’t help! =) I also discovered the trilogy everybody has been discussing… “Fifty Shades of Grey”…Let’s just say it’s so good I read the first book in 2 days…and I’m now on the second one…I can’t put it down. I want to go buy CJ a silver textured tie…*Wink Wink*

Speaking of that wedding…I received an odd phone call from my cousin who is getting married this weekend last Friday night. He sounded so tired & defeated and I couldn’t quite place why he was calling at first. Then he spit it out, “Mel, I need help. I’m going out of my mind with this wedding. There is so much I need to do and no time. My fiancée is going out of her mind. She is so fucking frazzled. Can you please call her and tell her you’ll help her out??  I told him of course I’ll help. He proceeded to say, “Great! I knew I asked the right person. My fiancée can’t stand my sister so you’re the only one that can help.”  Long story short I agreed that I would help where I can with everything & would call Carol, the fiancée the next day.

Ring..Ring…No answer from Carol. I called again, no answer, left a voicemail letting her know I’m here if she needs me. No call-back. I text her later that day explaining I’m here to help in case she didn’t get my calls. To which I receive a text back, “Hey Mel sorry my phone was dead. Everything is falling into place we don’t need any extra help. Thank you tho!” I don’t think she realizes that I everyone knows if your phone is dead it goes straight to voicemail, so I doubt her phone was dead because it rang multiple times. I called her less than 24 hours after my cousin called me….Something is wrong here. I’m not sure if my cousin is getting cold feet or Carol is too stubborn & frazzled to ask for help. This is sending me totally the wrong signals. 

To be a fly on the wall in their apartment this week would be an enlightening experience. I hope it works out but frantic calls from my cousin & then a different response from the fiancée is not making me jump for joy. I wonder if my cousin will call me again this week... I hope he doesn’t call me.

Also they are not having the cameras on the tables at this wedding??? Isn't that a must-have for weddings so you get more pictures of the guests?? Oh boy...

Work calls…I will have another post later today. Good luck on your Monday Endeavors… 


  1. It's probably last minute nerves on both sides. I hope everything works out well for the day and you're feeling better!!

  2. Sorry you're so sick. I'm 60% through the first book in the "fifty shades" trilogy and boy oh boy is my inner goddess blushing. Ha!